How to Succeed in the Beauty Business book

How to Succeed in the Beauty Business book


Ciara Allen has long been considered one of Ireland’s leading Makeup Artists, often recognised for her creative works of art across leading fashion titles. Having worked with some of the best-known models, at home and abroad, to working with international famous faces, Ciara Allen has seen it all.


In How to Succeed in the Beauty Business, Ciara brings all her knowledge, insights and skills from the beauty industry straight to you – the glamorous, but almost more importantly the not so glamorous details. Being a successful make-up artist is more than just creating and delivering beautiful looks, a lot of it is what happens before and after a shoot. This book will take you from getting started and building your brand, to getting your kit together, creating contacts, right through to the nitty gritty on how to price your work, conduct your invoicing and accounting, even how not to give up.


How to Succeed in the Beauty Business will share all the tricks, techniques and trade secrets that sometimes get forgotten about when starting out in this creative field. This genuinely gorgeous and real guide to the beauty industry will not only inspire you to create looks you have admired and wished to do, but get you out there and actually do it.



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